Monday, September 17, 2012

New doTERRA Products 2012!

Last evening I returned home from the doTERRA 2012 Engage Convention. It was awesome. Fantastic. And inspiring. I returned home with even more absolute confidence in these pure and potent oils to help myself and my family live better lives. I heard so many medical and research professionals supporting doTERRA and its mission, that I actually finally gave up trying to get it all written down and into my head. The Doctors, surgeons, dentists, health coaches, RNs, etc talked SO FAR over my head that it actually plugged some sinuses. Kidding there of course. But seriously, I slept so little, ate so badly, drank so little of water, did so little movement that I feel like today I was experimenting with every principle doTERRA sets forth about living well. I am now sick. But my oils and chiropractor will have me back to 100% in no time. I have the confidence... remember?!

The New doTERRA products~ Over the next few weeks. I will be featuring the new products and explaining more. However, today I wanted just to get all of you the list of the new ones! Please let me know if there are questions about trying them out in the comments section below!
InTune- Focus Blend

Black Pepper- Now always for sale!

Cilantro- For sale always now too!

DDR Prime- Damaged DNA Repair Blend 30ml

DDR Prime- Same as above, but in a complex. We are going to see a lot from this stuff I have a feeling.

a2z Childrens Supplements- My kids already love them!

IQ Mega - Childrens (And adult too) Omega 3. My son likes is straight. Daughter.. Going to need it with OJ.

Mito2Max- Complex for Active adults! More sustained energy, with no stimulants! Can you say: CrossFit!?!

Shampoo- In a pretty bottle.

Conditioner- In a prettier bottle with just a couple formula changes

Root to Tip Serum- For our scalps. Used it last night. LOVE IT!

Healthy Hold Glaze- Used this last night too. My hair dried so nice and still haven't touched it even after sleeping on it!
doTERRA is in Des Moines! And so are all of these new products because I brought home the entire new product kit!! So excited to see and hear the stories of these new offerings. I think they are going to be HUGE!!!
Until then, Happy Living!


  1. Loving the new products!! Amazing stuff on the label of those chewable vitamins and they still taste good!! You know I've been anxiously waiting for the DDR Prime!! I really think it could change lives!! But then again...which of these products couldn't!!?!?! Awesome stuff here!!!

  2. They are all really amazing. Even the small things, like the hair serum. I am LOVING the body it is giving my hair. Maybe I should do a posting of hair without serum... And after!